Ayodhya Hills is located in the Purulia district. It is a part of the Dalma Hills. The nearest populated town is Baghmundi. The place is surrounded by hills, lakes and spectacular natural beauty. Also an ideal place for adventure trip, trekking, camping and rock climbing.


Distance of Purulia junction from Kolkata is around 300 km. Distance of Ajodhya hills(Baghmundi) from Purulia junction rail station is about 45 km.

How to reach:

Purulia and Ajodhya hills are well connected by railway and roads with Kolkata, Asansol, Bankura and Jharkhand.  

  • By Train: Come to Purulia junction by any train. From there go to bus stand. From bus stand you can hire private cars or take local  bus for going to Ajodhya hills.
  • By Bus: SBSTSC buses is available from Esplade to Purulia via Asansol (for more details check the SBSTC site given in the resource section). From there hire a private car or take local bus to Ajodhya hills.  
  • By Car: From Kolkata through Durgapur Expressway to Asansol. Then take the Asansol-Purulia road to Ajodhya hills.

Best time to visit:

Can be visited anytime but try to avoid summers(April to June).

Places for sightseeing :

Points of attraction in the Ajodhya hill region -

  • Upper Dam & Lower Dam : Beautiful dams of Purulia Pumped Storage Project (PPSP) for electricity generation. This is in Bagmundi.
  • Turga & Bamni Waterfalls: Two nice waterfalls in Bagmundi.
  • Durga Bera : Also known as "Nil Jal", Durge Bera is 40 feet deep artificially made water body. The water is clear & transparent. This place is in Ranga village of Bagmundi block.
  • Charida Village : Masks of Charida village used in the “Chhau” dance. This place is in Baghmundi.
  • Muruguma lake : Beautiful lake located in the Jhalda Block of Ajodhya pahar region.
  • Khairabera Lake : It is a beautiful lake surrounded by Baghmundi hills.
  • Tarpania Lake : Also known as "Marble Lake". It was previously a mine, now one of the most visited place in this area.
  • Pakhi pahar : It is a famous hill located in the Ajodhya hills range. It is also known as Murra Buru or Murra hill. An artist called Chitta Dey carved the hill with sculptures of birds and animals and thus justifies the name "Pakhi Pahar" or "Bird Hill". Read this interesting story here or here.
  • Matha Buru(Matha hill) : Famous for its natural beauty. Annual mela is held on the hill by the tribal community.
  • Gaja Buru, Sirkabad: Gaja Buru is the highest peak of Ajodhya hill. Sirkabad is the base camp for rock climbers and trekkers who come to help rock climb courses at Gaja Buru.
  • Dowry Khal, Kumirer mukh: Famous for natural beauty, camping & trekking.

Available Activities :

  • Enjoy the natural beauty of hills, waterfalls and lakes
  • Many adventure activities like hill climbing, trekking, kayaking, camping are available.
  • Experience the traditional folk dance "Chhau"
  • Buy beautiful masks used in "Chhau" dance.

Photos :

some middles
Pakhi Pahar | Credit: Parth Joshi, flickr
Bamni Falls, Ajodhya Hills
Turga Falls |  Credit: Abhijit Das, flickr
Turga Falls, Ajodhya Hills
Turga Falls |  Credit: Abhijit Das, flickr
Kumirer ha, Ajodhya Hills
Dowry Khal, Kumirer mukh |  Credit: Abhijit Das, flickr
Sunset at Murguma Lake
Muruguma Lake | Credit: Biswajit_Dey, flickr
Khairabera Lake
Khairabera Lake | Credit: Biswajit_Dey, flickr
Ajodhya road
Ajodhya Hills | Credit: Rahamat Ansary,flickr
Ajodhya map

Trip Duration:

For exploring Ajodhya hills, it will take at least 3-4 days.

Importatnt Notes:

  • Be prepared for mosquitoes. Take mosquito repellent creams, coils etc.
  • As these are remote area, mobile network coverage can be non-existent or bad.
  • Be careful (specially if you are with children) while boating or when roaming near to the dam. Avoid bathing in the dam if you don't know swimming.
  • Do not litter the lake and surrounding environment. Please respect the nature.



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