If you're planning for a weekend destination from Kolkata to break your monotonous routine and refresh your soul with the flavor of #religious, #sacred, #nature or #rural atmosphere with pocket-friendly budget -

You just need to plan to visit Kamarpukur, mainly famous for the birthplace of Sri Ramakrishna and Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission Kamarpukur.


How to reach:

Places to Explore:

Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission Kamarpukur is the main attraction of Kamarpukur.

Explore Destinations inside Ramakrishna Math:

  • Magnificent temple of Sri Ramakrishna built at the exact place where He was born.
  • Ancestral house( thatched Bishnupur style ) of Sri Ramakrishna.
  • Sri Ramakrishna’s living room (thatched Bishnupur style ).
  • Temple of Sri Raghuvir , the family deity of Sri Ramakrishna.

Explore Destinations outside Ramakrishna Math:

  • Yogi's Shiva temple & Gopeswar's Shiva temple with specimen of teracota art.
  • Haldar pukur.
  • House of the Laha's.
  • Primary school of the Laha’s.
  • Sitanath Pyne’s house where the Master usedto go in trance during the yatra performance.
  • Birth place of Dhani Kamarani, the nurse who nurtured Master in His infant days.
  • Budhui Moral & Bhutir Khal, the cremation grounds where SriRamakrishna carried out intense spiritual "Sadhanas" or austerities.
  • Ancestral land or Chinu Sankhari.

Accommodation & fooding:

It’s better if u can avail these two from Ramakrishna Math only. To book accommodation earlier and knowing food details in R.K.Math u can contact them in below ways.

[email protected]

Otherwise you can book hotel and explore local restaurant food too. Near R.K. Math you can check Relax Lodge Hotel and Dutta Lodge.


Available Internal Transportation Options:

  • Toto
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Vutvuti
  • Rented Car
  • Try Sada Bonde (White Bonde) and Jhilapi here as Kamarpukur is famous for this.
  • Try Pallimangal center of Math where u can find good quality ghee and other village products.
  • Try to attend Mangalarati @[email protected] at evening time which creates an awesome calm and meditative environment.


  • Don’t take photo inside RK Math.
  • Don’t use mobile phone in math premises.
  • Don’t talk loudly inside Ramakrishna Math premises


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