Santiniketan is situated in the district of Birbhum. The distance from Kolkata to Bolpur  town is around 139  km by train.

How to reach:

Bolpur Santiniketan is well connected by several roads with Durgapur, Bardhaman and Kolkata by train and bus.

By Train :  Trains are available from Kolkata(Howrah) to Bolpur Santiniketan Junction. It will take around 3.5 to 4 hours. Form railway station distance of Santiniketan is around 3 km.From there, Toto are available for Santiniketan. They can take around 15 minutes. If you want more comfortable and quick journey, cars can be hired from the railway station at a cost of 11-12 Rs/km (at the time of writing this article).

By Bus:  SBSTC Buses are also available from Kolkata to Bolpur town from Esplande or Karunamoyee Bus terminal. It will take around 5-6 hours.

By Car :  One can also drive down from Kolkata to Bolpur  easily. It will take approximately 4 hours and distance around 139 km. As on the date of 26th December 2018, rental is around 3-5 thousands.


Best time to visit:

It can be visited anytime, but please try to avoid summers(April to June). Best time will be winters(November to February).Winter season is the best time to visit the Santiniketan .At the Winter time, a celebration called Pousmela is likewise celebrated in December which pulls in countless also.Spring has its own charm in Santiniketan not only because of its natural beauty blooming but also due to famous Basanta Utsav held to mark the festival of  Holi with the beginning of Spring.

Places for sightseeing :

Tagore’s ashram:

Tagore's Ashram is located in the Uttarayan Complex. It is the place that Tagore’s father first built when he arrived many years ago.

Amar Kutir:

Amar kutir is famous for locally made handcrafts, including leather printed bags, printed cloth etc.

Rabindra Bhaban Museum :

It was built in 1961 and it houses some of Tagore’s original manuscripts,letters,documents, paintings,certificates and photographs.


This place was the meditation spot of Tagore’s Father,Maharshi Debendranath Tagore.

Khoai Mela:

This fair held every Saturday. The fair starts at 4 am in the morning and artisans from all the nearby places set up stalls. Household items,Handicrafts,clothes etc are sold in the fair.

Prayer hall Upasana Char:

The prayer hall is one of the most important building in all of Santiniketan. Made from Belgian Glass,the hall is called Kanch Mandir,which derives its name from the glass laden walls (kanch means glass in Bengali )

Kala Bhavan :

The places focuses on developing the artistic bent among its patrons.

Deer Park :

About  3 km from the main campus is the Ballavpur forest. The forest shelters a natural bred large family of deer. It is now known as the Deer Park.

Kankalitala :

The Kankalitala mandir is located about 7 km from Santiniketan. One of the pith of 51 piths of goddess Kali.  It is on the bank of kopai river. You can avail toto to reach there. It is believed that sati devi bone's had fallen here  . Best time to visit is around bengali new year( famous fare).

Uttarayan Complex:

In Uttarayan Complex one particularly worth seeing is Udayan, where Tagore lived. The beautiful heritage building is very well maintained.

Pous Mela :

Pous mela in Santiniketan is a colorful rural carnival. It is one of the most important festivals in the district of Birbhum of West Bengal. The festival is celebrated at the Santiniketan mela grounds with great excitement and the essence of Bengali culture.

Basanta utsav (Holi) :

Festivals add colour to life.The famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore introduced Basant Utsav or Spring festival in Santiniketan, Birbhum to recreate the magic of Holi. The joyous festival is now an integral part.

Available Activities :

1) You can enjoy the beauty of nature of Santiniketan.

2) Santiniketan is famous for boutique , leather handicrafts, pottery item etc. You can have these items included in your shopping list.

3) You can see Rabindranath Tagore's original used material in museum.

4) You can come here for a short weekend trip and spend awesome with your friends.

Trip Duration:

It will take 2-3 days to explore this place.


Mill Call - Sculpture by Ramkinkar Baij
Mill Call - Sculpture by Ramkinkar Baij

Cost (Accommodation, Food & Sightseeing) :

Approx minimum cost for accommodation, food & sightseeing in this place is around 3000 INR per day per person. This is only an indicative price and can vary depending upon your hotel choices, food and transport preferences. Obviously this cost will be reduced if you travel with a group of people.